In a moment of clarity

If you take a few moments to examine yourself, make sure everything’s in the right place, there a sense of being or who you are as a physical and psychological entity. Did you check the images in your mind? Were you safe? What you know to be true, was it in place?

Many of us take it for granted that our own well being is based on the images organized in the foyer of our high def streaming cognitive consciousness, sorted out in an array that looks like safety.

The emotions and physical well being of who we are is tapped in to the visual perception of the mental synapses, the function points (125+ trillion) yes TRILLION in your brain.

The Internet of Us

New Place

Our new place in a world has changed, the often complex and heroic terrain navigated on a path that is being laid right here, right before us now. Indifference, motivates one to render themselves atomic in their attitude and behavior toward the unexpected change.

Subtlety is the defining attribute that ensues a truth balance in these moment less often shared, together in our yearning grateful for what do have progressively adapting to the behaviors we all are experiencing.

Evolver is the published feature portal for Auvoe.

Unified Being

You are here. This is where you are at. You are surrounded by information that is imported into your brain from every available resource: sight; taste; touch; sound and smell. The five senses. The simple principal, is of course, keep it simple.  Yes but Why? Glad you asked. Because in the infrastructure of the information, there is a code of unity. Unity you say. Yes, unity. The relevant guidelines of the code of unity is epsilon, the fifth letter in the greek alphabet, it also happen to be the number of your senses.

Complex Plain

The complex plain relative to just about anything is about compromise at the core of its essence. You choose to get out of bed every morning, and decide whether to have regular, decaf, corn flakes, frosted, fruity Pebbles, Franken Berry, Count Chocula or the favorite Lucky Charms, perhaps nothing. So within the complex plain of life, don’t holdback – drive yourself to success, create your dream and build it with vivacious hubris.

Maintaining a favorable canary launch is what it’s all about: audience acquisition, production behavior tweak evaluation and confident conversion dominance to contain capital bleed rate so in the end you have real numbers instead muted predictions of the outcome of your campaign strength. As always evolving is a numbers game, ramp to perfection, quality verses quantity and exacting earned media.

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